eBay Banning Active Content

You may have heard by now that eBay plan to ban the use of 'Active Content' on their website.

What you may not have known is that almost all customised eBay stores contain some sort of Active Content.

What is active content?

Customers that have active content in their eBay stores will need to make changes that fit within eBay's new guidelines. This applies to all stores that contain any active content.

Some examples of active content are:

  • Feedback Widgets
  • Custom store search box
  • Dynamic drop down menus
  • Cross promoting widgets
  • Shipping calculators
  • Image galleries
  • Carousels
  • YouTube / Vimeo videos

What does this mean?

Most custom eBay store designs contain active content in some form and once blocked by eBay in 2017 will cause issues with the store and will not work correctly. If you suspect your store is affected you will need to have it updated to be compliant.

Don't stress though, you will have until mid-2017 to adjust and your listings won't be affected just yet. eBay will start to limit the use of Active Content come March 2017 and will then remove or block listings with Active Content from September 2017.

Customers of Swift Productions that have had their stores built from August 2016 and onwards need not worry as the store's are 100% compliant for these changes.
Customers with stores built prior to August 2016 will be contacted by us to discuss the update.

Why have eBay made these changes?

Active Content has long been known to slow down loading time of the page. It also opens the door to security breaches leading to abuse in the marketplace and inhibits purchases made on mobile devices.

With over 60% of all visits to eBay and over 70% of all sales in the Fashion category alone being made on a mobile device, something needed to be done that will provide a better user experience for the buyer and make it more secure.

Unsure if your store contains Active Content?

Get in contact with us today for a free 100% no obligation check and information on what to do to minimise any downtime.

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Our Compliant eBay Store Design Features

A powerful, compliant eBay store design with all the features you know and love.

  • No HTML Experience Needed
  • Custom Home Page
  • Custom Inner Pages
  • Custom eBay Store Designs
  • Promotional Banners
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Free on-going support
  • Global Site Notice
  • Search by Brand
  • Global Tabs
  • Hero Slideshow
  • Splash Banner
  • Side Wings
  • Schedule Banners
  • Dynamic Store Categories

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