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eBay Rescue - Active Content Removal

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As you may have heard by now, eBay's banning 'Active Content' on their website.

What you may not have known is that unless your listings are made up of only text, there is a chance that your store contains active content.

What is active content?

You will need to make changes to your eBay store to fit within eBay's new guidelines. This applies to all stores that contain any active content.

Some examples of active content are:

  • Feedback Widgets
  • Custom store search box
  • Dynamic Menu's & cross promoting widgets
  • Shipping calculators
  • Image galleries & tab menus
  • Carousels & sliders
  • Embeded YouTube Videos
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How To Remove Active Content

Unless you have a listing tool or website integration, active content needs to be removed manually. For most sellers this is a very time-consuming process. At Swift Productions we tested this process and even for the most experienced developer, editing 1,500 listings would take 85 + hours.

For sellers with only a few listings in their store's the manual way may be an option, but for those with hundreds or thousands of listings, manual removal would simply not be economical nor efficient.

Swift Productions may be able to help. We have developed the necessary tools to automate the removal of Active Content from your listings. This will save you the time of manually searching through your listing's code and prevents any possible mistakes for those less confident with programming or simply just don't have the time.

We can remove Active Content from your eBay listings in bulk for stores with up to 80,000 active products without ending your listing or losing your sales history.

What Is The Cost To Remove Active Content?

Not everyone has the same listing template so our developers will need to inspect your listings first and then provide you with a quote. Our listing rescue packages cater for everyone no matter how you have been listing items to eBay whether it's been done via a listing tool such as Neto, Magneto, Codisto etc or simply entered directly into eBay. We can also strip out active content from within templates developed by other agencies no matter what kind of HTML is contained within.

Packages start from $129 GST Inclusive

Book a free listing review with one of our eBay store developers to discuss the best options for making your eBay store and eBay listing pages Active Content compliant.