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Selling online is hard.
It requires you to put in many hours, is very competitive and you are always having to learn new technologies to keep up to date otherwise you risk falling behind your competitors.

We work with sellers just like you and know the challenges they go through, which is why we have built the world’s first eBay Gallery Sticker APP.

Our eBay Gallery Sticker APP requires you to have no coding skills, no design skills and only needs a few minutes of your time.


Free 7 day trial. No credit card required

Create & Manage Stickers in Bulk

Any incentive you can offer your customers to purchase from you is a bonus, however, unlike a website, adding or promoting a coupon code on eBay is not as straightforward.

We've made things simple with our new eBay Gallery Sticker APP. You can now automate things so you can quickly push across a Sticker and promote your discount code and it will be visible in the eBay search without the need of any manual tasks or paying additional eBay sub-title fees.

Why use the Sticker APP?

  • No more manual work
  • You can quickly promote a coupon Sticker in minutes
  • Save on fees!. No need to use eBay sub-titles
  • Create an unlimited amount of Stickers
  • Schedule a Sticker - set and forget
  • Promote your Sticker in eBay search results
  • Apply your Sticker to eBay categories
  • Create your own custom groups of items
  • No design or coding skills required

Say goodbye to manual work!

eBay Gallery Sticker APP - Apply a coupon to your images in bulk

We've made things simple with the world's first eBay Gallery Sticker APP. You can now quickly apply a sticker (coupon) to your eBay images in bulk without any design or coding skills. The sticker will appear in the eBay search at the time you have scheduled it in.

A simple, yet powerfull Sticker App

  • Category / Items

    Instantly apply a Sticker to your items in your eBay categories or select individual items and create a custom group^

  • Easy to use

    Our APP is so simple to use anyone can do it without using design software or having any coding skills

  • eBay Search Visible

    A picture is worth a thousand words - Your Stickers will be applied to your eBay images and be found in eBay search

  • Schedule Stickers

    Set and forget - You can schedule a Sticker to start and end at a specific time

  • Save on fees

    You no longer need use the eBay sub-title feature to promote you coupon code saving you $2.20AUD per item

  • Import CSV

    You can import a CSV file with your item numbers and instantly apply a sticker to them


Free 7 day trial. No credit card required

Our eBay Sticker APP is compatible with:

  • eBay Logo
  • Neto Logo
  • Magento Logo
  • ChannelAdvisor Logo
  • Shopify Logo
  • Codisto Logo
  • Intelligent Reach Logo
  • WooCommerce Logo
  • Omnivore Logo
  • Bigcommerce Logo
  • Fusion Factory Logo
  • Opencart Logo

Increase your sales with eBay Stickers

Get your coupon code out there - Your competitors are doing it, why not you...

At the end of the trial period all active stickers will be automatically removed unless an active subscription has been setup.

During a trial period a maximum of 15,000 items can be imported

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD), excluding GST

Frequently asked questions

Is there a contract to access the Sticker APP?

No, all our plans are billed monthly and you can cancel at any time by logging into your Swift Console and cancelling the subscription.

I own multiple eBay stores, can I use the same Sticker subscription across all of them?

Unfortunately no, each subscription entitles you to access 1 store. If you want to use the Sticker APP on another store, you will need to purchase another subscription

I am not an existing Swift Productions customer, can I still access the Sticker APP?

Yes you can. The sticker APP is available to all users

Can I use the Sticker APP for Free?

We offer 7-day free trial, no credit card required.

What happens after my trial period has ended?

All listings that contain a Sticker will automatically be removed at the end of the Trial period.

What happens if I have more items than the package I am subscribed to allows?

Only the amount allocated to your package will be available in your Sticker APP.

Do you offer support or training?

Yes we do. We offer support and training on how to use our new Sticker APP. We also have some tutorials and videos you can access 24/7 via our website’s Help Desk

What happens if I do a new feed from my listing tool such as Neto, Channel Advisor, Omnivore etc during a promotion?

We have integrated a Time Stamping feature which will scan for any new items listed, every 2 hours. It will automatically import newly listed items and apply the sticker and it will also reapply the sticker to an existing item should your listing tool remove it.

Which image in my eBay Gallery will the Sticker be applied to?

We will automatically apply the Sticker to the first image in your Gallery as this is the image that is shown in eBay search.

What our clients have to say

Foxtel Logo

Monica you've been amazing throughout the entire process. Turning stuff around on a dime and nothings ever been too much trouble. If there's anyone I can pas feedback on to that we'd like to engage Swift again as long as we get you as the designer let me know! :)

Rick Z - Foxtel

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