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eBay Training

Having a great looking and functioning store is an important part of your eBay business.

It's crucial to engage customers as soon as they enter your store and show them that you mean business and have what they're looking for.

It's at this point that a store design will really help you convert that enquiry in to a sale and potentially encourage the purchase of multiple items.

But the most important part of running an eBay business is actually getting visitors to your store in the first place.

How will they find you? What will they see? How will your store compete with the millions of eBay stores out there?

Again, having a great looking and functioning store is important but it needs to be partnered with knowledge and education so it's actually given the chance to perform.

Swift Productions are eBay educators in Australia and make up a quarter of Fuse Retail – Australia's only eBay-Sponsored Education Centre.

Our packages include as standard all the tips and tricks you need to turn your eBay sellers account into a full blown online business.

Learn how to correctly list items so that they rank higher in eBay search, learn why item specifics are so important and how they work towards rankings, find out about promotions, marketing and many more features and tools available – all designed to help you grow your business and stand out from the crowd.

There is a right way.
A proven way. Let us show you.

Technologies We Use

Swift Productions have partnered up with industry leaders from across the globe to ensure that your eBay store connects seamlessly and easily to all integrated websites, listing tools and applications available on the market.


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