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Drive sales and boost your brand with stunning eBay listing templates. Our expert team creates visually captivating designs that grab buyer attention and convert clicks into sales.

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eBay Template Design. 

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How Our eBay Template Designs Drive Growth 🚀

Upgrade your eBay listings with custom, code-free templates from Swift Productions, Australia's top eBay Template Designers. Our expert designs enhance your store's appeal, are mobile-responsive, and eBay App compatible, with dedicated support to boost sales. Discover how we can transform your eBay business today.

Why Our Templates Work

Our eBay template designs offer numerous benefits that contribute to the growth of your eBay business:

  • Build Trust & Credibility: A professionally designed template instills confidence in buyers, leading to higher sales and repeat customers.
  • Create a Seamless Shopping Experience: Intuitive navigation and clear product presentation make it easy for buyers to find what they need and complete their purchases.
  • Guide Buyers Through Your Store: A well-structured template highlights your best products and promotions, maximizing engagement and sales potential.
  • Compatibile with the eBay App: Ensure your listings look great and function flawlessly on the eBay app, where most buyers browse and purchase.
  • Look Great on Any Device: Responsive design ensures your listings adapt perfectly to all screen sizes, from smartphones to desktops.
  • Reinforce Your Brand Identity: Consistent branding across your eBay listings creates a memorable impression and strengthens your professional image.
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Our Work

Our design portfolio speaks better than words!

0 + Years Experience

Experts in Professional eBay Template Designs

Trust our eBay experts to optimise your listing. As Australia's first official eBay design partner, we work with startups and Fortune 500 brands, crafting stunning, user-friendly stores that drive results.

Our Clients

Grow Your eBay Business With our Professional eBay Designs

Does your eBay store need a facelift? At Swift Productions, Australia's premier eBay Template Designers, we specialize in transforming your listings from mundane to magnificent with our professional designs.

What Makes Our Templates the Perfect Fit?

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What Makes Our Templates the Perfect Fit?

If your eBay store feels more like a cluttered yard sale, let Swift Productions work our magic! Our expert-designed templates not only improves your store's appearance but also boost your sales by attracting more attention, enhancing your offers, and fostering immediate trust. Revamp your eBay presence with our sleek, mobile-responsive templates and watch your business grow!

Key Inclusions

All our templates comply with eBay’s latest standards, free from active content for smooth integration. Meticulously crafted, they look fantastic whether viewed on desktops or mobile devices, and are fully compatible with the eBay App. Ensure your listings perform beautifully across all platforms with our stunning, functional designs!

  • Custom Design
  • No Active Content
  • Small- Large Business Friendly
  • Mobile & eBay App Compatible
  • eBay Policy Compliant
  • Designed by an Official eBay Partner
  • Unlimited Products
  • Full Australian Based Support & Training
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Stand Out, Sell More: Powerful Listing Features

Higher eBay Rankings & Conversions with Feature-Rich Templates

Experience the difference with our eBay template designs, loaded with exclusive features. Boost your eBay listings in search results while instilling buyer confidence through custom designs tailored to your brand identity.

Built For Speed

We will construct your eBay template utilising cutting-edge technology to guarantee that it loads quickly for your consumers.

Mobile & eBay App Compatable

All our eBay Templates are 100% responsive and work on all devices such as desktops, tablets, mobiles, and the eBay APP.

No Coding Required

That's right, our eBay template design is simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use and requires no coding experience.

eBay Policy Compliant

We are an authorised eBay design partner; our templates are guaranteed to comply with all current eBay regulations.

Dedicated Account Manager

You'll be allocated a dedicated project manager who will oversee the entirety of your project. You'll never have to deal with more than one individual.

On-going Support

We provide FREE ongoing support related to the design of your eBay template for life*.

Training & Education

We will provide you full training on how to utilise the new eBay template, as well as all its capabilities.

Drop down or Mega menu

Just like a website - add a drop-down or mega menu to your eBay template to assist visitors in navigating around your eBay store.

Global Site Notice

Instantly add a statement to the top of your eBay listing template, regardless of the number of products you have. Excellent for public announcements!

Hero Promotional Banner

Treat it like a website... Instantly upload a promotional banner that will show throughout your eBay template, regardless of the number of products you have

Global Tabs / Modal Popup box

Provide more information to your customers - things like about us, warranty, returns, FAQ’s and more. Available in both Tab formats and Popup window.

Cross-sell widget

Our eBay cross-selling gallery feature allows you in automatically promoting other items listed in the same eBay category, making it easier for your buyers to see more of your products.

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Our templates are compataible with everyone

Swift Productions has collaborated with a variety of industry-leading service providers to guarantee that your eBay template will work with whoever you are integrated with. Here are just a few of the service providers your template will work with.

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Unlock the Magic of Professional eBay Templates and Transform Your Sales!

Since 2012, our expertise has been dedicated to meticulously creating personalized eBay store and template designs. Over the years, we've evolved into industry leaders and proudly stand as Australia's FIRST official design partner. Collaborating with some of the biggest brands in Australia and globally, we specialize in elevating their eBay presence, fostering brand recognition, and driving increased sales through enhanced buyer confidence.

Updated: 13th May 2024, 🕒 1 min read

Ditch the Garage Sale Look: Conquer eBay with Pro Templates! 🏆

Grab the secret weapon 💣 - A professioanl eBay templates by Swift Productions! These aren't just fancy outfits for your listings. They're like Jedi mind tricks for your business – boosting trust, skyrocketing sales, and leaving shoppers begging for more! 🤩

Boost Buyer Confidence and Drive Sales to New Heights

The power of professional eBay templates extends beyond aesthetics, directly impacting buyer confidence and driving sales to new heights. Studies reveal that a carefully designed template can enhance buyer confidence by up to 45%. This impressive statistic speaks volumes about the psychological impact of a polished, trustworthy presentation

Streamlined Customer Journey for a Seamless Experience

With a well-designed template, your products take center stage, presented in a cohesive and organized manner. Potential buyers are greeted with a seamless browsing experience, effortlessly guiding them through your listings. This user-friendly environment fosters trust and encourages buyers to explore further, igniting a spark of interest that can transform into lasting customer loyalty.

Your virtual storefront, carefully crafted through strategically placed elements and a cohesive design, conveys a sense of professionalism and reliability. As buyers feel more secure in their transactions, they're not just making a purchase; they're investing in a positive experience. This boost in confidence is a critical factor in converting casual browsers into committed customers, creating a ripple effect that significantly impacts your overall sales performance.

Embrace the Power of Professional eBay Templates and Unleash Your Business Potential

In the ever-evolving world of online commerce, professional eBay templates are your key to unlocking business growth and achieving unparalleled success. Embrace the power of these game-changing tools and watch your eBay business soar to new heights.

Experience Matters


What our clients say

Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Here, our clients share their experiences, showcasing the quality of our work and the positive influence of our solutions on their online presence.

Monica you've been amazing throughout the entire process. Turning stuff around on a dime and nothings ever been too much trouble. If there's anyone I can pass feedback on to that we'd like to engage Swift again...

Amazing service, we would definitely recommend Swift Productions. Danny and team were great, helped us create our Straw Belicious Shopify website.

The team at Swift Productions were prompt, professional and provided us with some great designs for our latest car audio flyer. I personally was surprised at the speedy delivery and communication throughout the entire process. Highly...

I had such terrible service from my previous store designer would never answer me no communication whatsoever. So I had to look for someone else. I decided to change to Swift and have never been happier. I cannot believe how fantastic this...

I engaged Swift Productions to desgin my ecommerce store about two months ago. During the time that I have worked with them, their communication has been nothing short of excellent. The website they delivered was beautiful and...

They follow through the entire process of your listing templates 100%. Danny had been a magnificent employee who help me through the listing. He is wealth of knowledge. Highly rate swift productions...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions are below; if you can't find your answer, don't hesitate to contact us.

The extent of customisation in your eBay listing template depends on the specific template package you choose. Generally, some of the elements you can customise include headers and footers, hero banners, tabs, popups, cross-selling items, and unique selling points (USPs). These features allow you to create a template that not only reflects your brand's unique style but also enhances the shopping experience for your customers, making your listings stand out in eBay's search results.

Please note that an eBay Store Design is not inlcuded with any of our eBay template design packages.

Yes, our eBay listing template designs are 100% eBay policy compliant and will work across all devices including the eBay APP.

Please allow 7–10 business days for us to complete the process. You will normally receive your design within 5 business days, and then the same amount of time is required for development.

There are no additional fees payable to us apart from your initial design cost. All other fees, such as eBay subscription etc, are payable to eBay direct.

Yes, we are based in Australia. We are located in the heart of the Parramatta CBD, Sydney. We are 100% Australian owned and operated.

The only outsourcing we do is with our after-hours support team (level2 support), which is in the Philippines. Don't worry though, our level2 support team doesn't have access to any personal information or direct access to your account.

The process is simple. First you'll need to contact us to place your order. Once an order has been placed, you will receive a link to complete the design questionnaire. Once we have received the design questionnaire, we will begin work on the design. As a guide our eBay template design services take between 1-2 weeks from start to finsih.

Yes, we do, each and every single one of our clients will receive full training on how to use the new template.

We will also do a live tutorial for you via remote access where you will be able to watch us list new products and make changes. We will then have you repeat the process.

You will receive 30 days free phone support after the template goes live. After the 30 days all support related enquiries must be logged online via our help desk.

Please note that our support is for the design only. You must contact eBay for any issues related to anything else or if you are using a third party for integration you'll need to speak to your integration partner.

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