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eBay Editor System Issues

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No reported outageWe are currently not experiencing any issues with our eBay editor. To report something please contact our support team here.

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Current Incident(s)

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Previous Incident(s)

October 27, 2021

Product Listing Dashboard

Update - eBay support have fixed all issues related to "GetItem API", you can now revise back to eBay.

Nov 09, 17:08pm AEST

Update (direct from eBay) - This is to confirm we filed a ticket that describes the issue with the appropriate engineering team. The team evaluates, prioritizes, and addresses an issue based on the impact it has on the API operations and other business logic. Your important issue will be handled accordingly, but may take time to triage and resolve.

The ticket will be kept open and in a Waiting-Bug Fix state and we will notify you when the status changes. You can also check the status of the API by going to the eBay developers portal - we will be updating it shortly.

November 01, 6:03am AEST

Update - eBay support are still working on fixing the bug that was identified this morning with the "GetItem API" - they have given us no ETA.

October 28, 23:27pm AEST

Update - eBay support have identified another bug with the "GetItem API" which is causing revisions to fail in eBay AU. All other eBay sites such as eBay US, eBay UK etc are now all working fine.

October 28, 9:50am AEST

Issue Identified - eBay support have identified an issue with the "GetItem API" and are working on a fix.

October 28, 8:06am AEST

Update - Just an update, the issue is still being investigated by eBay support. Once they have an update for us we will post it here right away.

October 27, 20:06pm AEST

Update - We have identified the issue and are working eBay support to get a fix with the "GetItem API" - for now we have a temporary work around. When making changes to your items description just click the yellow 'Modify & Queue' button instead of the green 'Revise' button and any changes made to the description will update to eBay within 30minutes

October 27, 17:27pm AEST

Update - We are still investigating the issue

October 27, 16:43pm AEST

Investigating - We are currently aware of some issues revising back to eBay via the Product Listing Dashboard. We are currently investigating the issue

October 27, 12:55pm AEST

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