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You’ve found the experts in eCommerce Website Design.

We are a Sydney-based company that creates quality eCommerce web design for companies of all sizes and kinds.

All of our website designs are constructed to our extremely high standards utilising the newest technology and an easy to use content management system, so if you are looking for a team to develop your new eCommerce website or redesign an existing eCommerce website, look no further.

Trusted by the biggest brands

For more than 15 years, we've been assisting some of Australia's major government, retail, and corporate organisations in strengthening their digital internet presence.

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Custom built Mobile Responsive Design

Our websites are designed to complement and support our clients' goals across all accessible devices and channels. We develop your website in such a way that it is completely mobile responsive. Whether you want assistance with website design in Sydney or web design in Melbourne or another city, regardless of your location, our highly qualified staff are ready and eager to collaborate with you to provide a cutting-edge website that your customers will love.

Why Choose Swift for your eCommerce Website Design Build?


Years Experience

eCommerce Website Design is our passion

We've been designing eCommerce websites for over a 15 years, so we're well-versed in the field. Furthermore, we've created hundreds of eCommerce websites for Australian firms and international brands.

Our eCommerce website design and the platforms on which we implement have an intuitive backend functionality and content management system that are both powerful and simple to use, regardless of your level of expertise with eCommerce websites.

Choosing the right eCommerce website platform

Our 15 + years experience has taught us a great deal about what our customers really want. We've hand-picked and vetted the top eCommerce website platforms on the market today. All of our website designs adhere to our strict standards, using cutting-edge technology and an intuitive content management system; thus, if you're looking for a team to construct your new eCommece website, look no further.

We are experts in

Our eCommerce Websites Design and Development Features

Swift Productions' staff are well-versed in all aspects of website design and development. Here are just a few of the things we provide with our bespoke eCommerce website design services. Everything you will need to achieve great success.

What's included

Custom eCommerce Design

Unless you specifically ask for a template / theme we do not utilise any; instead, we will tailor your eCommerce website design build to your business's branding requirements.

Marketplace Integration

Extend the reach of your products by selling on marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Catch, and Kogan in addition to your website.

Search Engine Friendly

All of our eCommerce website designs are SEO ready to be optimised for search engines. You'll have complete control over all URLs, meta data, and more.

Training & Education

We will offer you full training on how to utilise your new eCommerce website design so that you can manage it without you engaging us.

Dedicated Account Manager

You'll be allocated a dedicated project manager who will oversee the entirety of your project. You'll never have to deal with more than one individual.

On-going Support

We provide FREE on-going support related to the design of your new website for life*

Coupons & Discounts

Provide a discount to your consumers; our website design platforms enable you to conduct promotions and create coupon codes that might help you generate sales.

Order & Inventory Management

Receive and track orders, automated inventory adjustments, and seamless management of in-store, marketplace, and online sales.

AfterPay / ZipPay

Allow your consumers to purchase now and pay later. Our websites designs support Afterpay, Zip Pay, Zip Money, and PayPal's innovative Pay in 4 feature, among other.

Wholesale & B2B

All the tools you need to manage your wholesale business's operations, establish client connections, and sell globally.

Warehousing & Fulfilment

Utilize barcode receipting, selecting, and packaging to save time and enhance accuracy. Create packing slips, despatch dockets, and shipping labels in bulk, as well as handle hundreds of shipments.

Live Chat

Enhance customer service and make it simpler for consumers to reach you by integrating live chat.

Payment Gateways

Increase your online sales with simple processing services that provide rapid checkout, high security, comprehensive payment choices, and even multi-currency payments in preparation for when you conquer the globe.

Click & Collect

By implementing Click & Collect into your eCommerce site, you will be able to money on shipping and improve the consumer experience.

Analytics and Tracking

We'll instal Google Analytics and the Facebook pixel, which will enable you to watch your visitors' behaviour and how they explore your site.

Some of our eCommerce Website Designs

Here are just a few projects that we have recently completed. We work with businesses of all types and sizes.

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eCommerce Website Design Planning

Are you considering developing an eCommerce website but are unsure where to begin? Here at Swift Productions we understand how daunting it can be to create a website, so why not let us assist you in putting it all together?

It all starts here

We are a motivated and devoted company that strives to help our clients find and be found by their customers. Even if you have a brick and mortar store, your online presence is critical to your ROI, so let us help you do it right.

Updated: - 4 min read

With the influx of online shoppers why be limited to selling your products in your physical store only? With an eCommerce design solution by Swift Productions you’ll be able to reach millions globally through leading online marketplaces including but not limited to: eBay, Amazon, Catch and a variety of Social Media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

So where do you start? Well here are 4 essential steps to help you decide what and how to plan for your new eCommerce website

Your eCommerce Website Checklist


Creating your eCommerce plan

Know what products you are going to sell

The first step is to decide what you’re going to sell. You can sell an individual product, a range of products or even a service. Researching the product, you intend to sell is critical for success.

Know your target market

Research the market to get an understanding on the popularity and relevance of your product. Using free online tools such as; Google AdWords and Keyword Tool will allow you to get an insight on how many people search for the your product and / or services each month.

Understanding who your target audience is and their needs is pivotal in the success of your product. Finding the problems in your competitors and portraying your product as the solution will ensure that you have distinctively differentiated yourself from the competitor’s business. Ensuring your eCommerce website addresses itself as a solution will enhance your message and increase your chance of purchase.


Things You Need to Set Up

The second step in ensuring you have a successful eCommerce website is deciding on your daily operations. Research, careful planning and evaluating will be key here so take your time with this one.

Decide on a domain name

Your domain name should be a reflection of your eCommerce store name. Something that is easy to spell and remember while avoiding unnecessary symbols and numbers so that your visitors and potential buyers are able to access your store is key for a struggle and hassle free business.

As part of your eCommerce website, you can choose to manage your own web hosting or choose an option whereby your website design company manages your hosting on your behalf.

Managing hosting on your own is pocket friendly and generally a lot more flexible however this does come with some with down side, most cloud based eCommerce web solution providers such as Neto and Shopify require the site to be hosted by them, however with a Woocommerce website you'll be able to host the site yourself.

It’s in the best interest of your business to avoid cheap hosting as this can often insinuate shared servers that result in slow website speeds and can negatively impact on your SEO score (your website’s ability to rank organically in search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing).

Decide on the type of eCommerce platform

There are many factors to consider when deciding on what type of eCommerce platform you want your business to grow from as many platforms are limited to upscale with you as your business grows

Here at Swift Productions we work with the top 4 eCommerce platforms such as; Neto, Shopify and Woocommerce. These platforms are great as they are beginner- user friendly for those who are just starting out and for established businesses who are looking to further advance. Additionally, these platforms allow you to grow your audience as they can be connected with leading online marketplaces including; eBay, Amazon, Catch and various other Social Media platforms.


It is important to consider which payment avenue your business will take as it facilitates the initial reason as to why you opened your store!

A simple, intuitive and most of all secure payment system will instil trust in your brand and encourage shoppers to come back. There is an array of options for receiving payments including, eWay, Apple pay, Google pay, Zip Money, Zip Pay, Afterpay and PayPal. PayPal is considered to be the most secure payment option which consumers genuinely opt for. This payment option is also inclusive in all of our eCommerce platforms.


When it comes to shipping there are an array of options to choose from which will depend on various factors including: The location from which you will be posting your products, your desired order turn-over, shipping fees, free shipping, flat rates and returns. All of these options and factors should be considered before launching your online store. eCommerce has built in default choices to consider for your shipping companies, otherwise there are Australian Post, Star track and other private courier companies to choose from.


Your Website Details

Web design and Development

When you think about your website design it’s important to understand that it stands as your store front. Having an aesthetically pleasing design is imperative to catch the attention of your buyer although the flow of your eCommerce design is pivotal in turning over conversions. Ensure that your store policies and contact details are easily visible. Highlight your strengths such as a longer returns policy or free express shipping to entice customers to purchase.

While designing your new website we envision to work closely with our clients both professionally and exceptionally to meet and exceed all expectations. We want to ensure that our clients websites can be crawled by google accurately and if there is a recommendation being made by external parties or by Swift Productions themselves we promise to communicate before any of these changes have been implemented ensuring only the best for our clients.

Ensure your site is secured with a SSL certificate

Obtaining a SSL (Secure sockets layer) certificate is critical for the security of your online store as it used to encrypt parts of your website that collects personal information and data from your website users. The SSL prevents scammers, fraudsters and third party websites from accessing your customer’s personal information, particularly bank cards. SSL’s are essential for any eCommerce business.

With all our website hosting accounts we offer a SSL certificate free, if however you are hosting your own website we recommended you to ensure you have a SSL certificate installed. We encourage you to do your research on which SSL certification you want to obtain as the prices range from $49 – $300 annually.


Get the word out

Time to start advertising

By now your website should be up and running. Policies should be in place, shipping and product information should be up and your product catalogue should be loaded. The final step in launching your website is to go public and spread the word! You’ll need to kick start your online marketing through various platforms to promote your store. When trying to promote your eCommerce store get creative and try new ways to advertise. Encourage visitors to opt-in to your latest news and promotions and facilitate a discount code or voucher for signing up. Send reminders to past and future buyers about up coming sales and remind shoppers that the items they’ve been looking at are still available for purchasing.

As well as search engine optimisation (SEO), Google AdWords and other more traditional forms of digital marketing, with eCommerce you have so many opportunities to get creative with your on-site marketing too.

Other functionality such as product reviews, social media such as an Instagram feed showcasing how buyers are using your products, and integrations into the Facebook marketplace are just some of the amazing ways to take your eCommerce marketing to the next level and help your business grow!

If you’re ready to discuss your requirements further get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Client Reviews

Kind words from the people who know us best

Monica you've been amazing throughout the entire process. Turning stuff around on a dime and nothings ever been too much trouble. If there's anyone I can pas feedback on to that we'd like to engage Swift again...

Rick Z - Foxtel

Client Icon - Foxtel

They follow through the entire process of your listing templates 100%. Danny had been a magnificent employee who help me through the listing. He is wealth of knowledge. Highly rate swift productions...

Vips D - Dolphy

Client Icon - Dolphy

I engaged Swift Productions to desgin my ecommerce store about two months ago. During the time that I have worked with them, their communication has been nothing short of excellent. The website they delivered was beautiful and...

Collin - Music 440

Client Icon - Music440

I had such terrible service from my previous store designer would never answer me no communication whatsoever. So I had to look for someone else. I decided to change to Swift and have never been happier. I cannot believe how fantastic this...

Valerie J - Cherry Hair & Beauty

Client Icon - Cherry Hair and Beauty

The team at Swift Productions were prompt, professional and provided us with some great designs for our latest car audio flyer. I personally was surprised at the speedy delivery and communication throughout the entire process. Highly...

James D - Kenwood

Client Icon - Kenwood

I had a very specific design in mind. I had a lot of intricate details I wanted them to do. They delivered exactly what I wanted and more. Nothing I requested was too much trouble and done easily. I'm Very Happy with the end result...

Brendon S - Schmidt Tools

Client Icon - Schmidt Tools

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions we get asked all the time. If you still require assistance, please feel free to contact us.

With a normal static website, you'll be able to showcase information and your services. However, buying something from your website won't be possible. With an eCommerce website, you will get complete freedom to sell your products and/or services online. You generally have control over things like the inventory, promotional banners, payment options, logistics, etc.

Once the order has been placed, you will receive your website design within 10 business days. The development will only start once you have approved the design. The development and building of the website will take 3-5 weeks to finish-just remember, we don't use templates, so everything we do is custom and built to represent your brand.

We personally don't put a limit on how many products you can sell via your new eCommerce web store. However, it doesn't mean you won’t have some restrictions since we work with many eCommerce platforms; some of which do have annual sales turn over limits, etc. Feel free to check the eCommerce web platforms we work with for more information.

We provide FREE ongoing support related to the design of your website.

You will receive 30 days of free phone support after the website goes live. After 30 days, all support-related enquiries must be logged online via our help desk.

Please note that our support is for work produced by Swift Productions only. Issues caused by third parties related to the actual eCommerce platform are not covered by our free on-going support.

On the Woocommerce platform, web hosting is free for the first year. After the first year, you can renew your web hosting for only $15.40 p/month, paid one year upfront.

On either Neto or Shopify, we do not charge any hosting fees since this is already covered with your on-going subscription to them.

Yes, we are located in the heart of the Parramatta CBD in Sydney. We are 100% Australian owned and operated.

You can change parts of the site yourself using the CMS (content management system). The amount that can be changed varies depending on the actual design, but usually things like images, text, banners, products, items, and links are things you will be able to easily change yourself.

Yes we do. Each and every single one of our clients will receive full training on how to use the new website.

We will also do a live tutorial for you via remote access where you will be able to watch us list new products and make changes. We will then have you repeat the process.

You will receive 30 days of free phone support after the website goes live. After 30 days, all support-related enquiries must be logged online via our help desk.

Please note that our support is for work produced by Swift Productions only. Issues caused by third parties related to the actual eCommerce platform are not covered by our free on-going support.

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