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Established 2006.

Crafting Your Online Presence: Our Story as a Web Development Agency in Australia

At Swift Productions, we bring together a talented team of web designers, developers, and digital marketers. When you choose us, you gain access to our well-rounded expertise in creating impactful online experiences. Our track record speaks for itself, as we have earned the trust of some of the world's biggest brands who rely on us to deliver tangible outcomes.

With a proven reputation for excellence, Swift Productions is committed to providing exceptional results. Our collaborative approach ensures that we understand your unique needs and goals, allowing us to create tailored solutions that drive success. Count on us to deliver the digital solutions that will elevate your brand and make a lasting impact in the online world.

  • 2007

    How it all started

    Originally called "Swift Media Oz," it was founded by 2 family members, Danny and Monica. They had spent several months collaborating to build their own businesses, specialising primarily in graphic design.

  • New Service and a rebrand.

    After 6 months and a rebrand from “Swift Media Oz” “to Swift Productions”, we expanded our services to include web design.

  • 2009


    Around 2 years later, we faced a situation where we had to turn away clients because there simply weren't enough hours in the day to meet the demand. It was during this time that we decided to expand our team by bringing in a new web developer.

    Keep in mind during this this period, we were still operating remotely from our homes, relying on tools like Skype, before the widespread use of Zoom.

  • Continuing to grow steadily.

    Our dedicated team has been putting in relentless effort, consistently delivering outstanding results. Concurrently, our client base has been steadily expanding, painting a bright and promising future for our endeavors.

  • New Service Added: eCommerce Web Development

    As eCommerce gained momentum, we aimed to provide our customers with a user-friendly, reliable, and affordable platform. That's why we began offering Neto, establishing a partnership with them as our preferred eCommerce software at Swift Productions.

  • 2011

    Moving Away from Home and Into a Warehouse

    To better serve clients who preferred detailed discussions about graphic design and website development, we chose to rent an office with ample space. This move allowed us to accommodate these meetings and consider new ventures like printing. While our primary focus remained on graphic and website design, we wanted the flexibility to explore other opportunities, making a spacious location essential for potential growth.

  • New Services Introduced: Digital and Offset Printing

    After we secured a spacious spot in Chipping Norton, we got into Digital and Offset printing, effectively transforming ourselves into a one-stop shop for businesses. Now, we handle everything from graphic design to website development and printing, providing comprehensive solutions for our clients.

  • We hired our first Printing Press Operator

    After expanding our services to include both Digital and Offset Printing, we recognised the growing demand.

    With only 3 of us handling graphic design, web design, printing, and customer service, we made the decision to bring in a professional Printing Operator to help us manage the workload.

  • New Services Introduced: eBay Template Design

    As eBay gained popularity among sellers in Australia, we began providing eBay template design services to our clients as an additional offering.

  • 2012

    Momentum kept going

    With the introduction of eBay template designs to our services, we swiftly became the go-to destination for all things eBay-related. Numerous brands reached out to us, seeking our expertise to professionally launch their products on eBay.

  • A Designer Joins Us

    Up until this point, Monica had been handling all the designing work. However, in mid-2012, we welcomed another designer to the team, broadening the creative talent pool at Swift Productions.

  • A Developer Joins Us

    We've expanded our team with another skilled web developer to complement our growing design capabilities, ensuring we maintain top-notch work quality and fast turn-arounds.

  • eBay Australia Reaches Out

    A significant milestone for us was when eBay Australia contacted us to discuss our services, leading to our recognition as Australia's First Official eBay design partner and one of only 3 official eBay designers worldwide.

  • First Ever eBay Editor Launched

    Since many of our customers were on eBay, we developed our own eBay Editor. This tool made it easy for our customers to manage their eBay templates without the need for editing any code. It was a welcome addition and received positive feedback from those who used it. 

  • 2014

    Expanding our Services while removing some

    As stationery printing declined and the demand for digital services, such as eCommerce development, rose, we made the decision to discontinue Digital and Offset Printing. Our focus shifted towards what our customers truly wanted, which was online growth and digital services.

  • New Services Introduced: eBay and eCommerce Integration.

    As many of our customers were both on eBay and had their own eCommerce stores, it became essential to connect these platforms. Therefore, we began providing eBay and eCommerce integration services, enabling our clients to efficiently manage their inventory across both platforms.

  • We've welcomed 5 new staff members to our team.

    With the addition of Waqas, Rachel, Sam, David and Kaz, our team has expanded to a total of 11 members. This team is divided into 3 designers, 6 developers, and 2 account managers.

  • 2016

    Moved to a new location.

    As both our team and client base continued to grow, we made the move to Five Dock in the inner West of Sydney.

  • Renovated Office

    We renovated a brand-new office space and established a state-of-the-art training facility. Backed by eBay Australia, we now offer training sessions on effective eBay listing techniques, sharing valuable tips and tricks to help our clients' items achieve the highest possible rankings.

  • New Services Introduced: Website Hosting.

    Through our partnership with Crucial, we launched Managed Web Hosting services for our clients. This collaboration enables us to provide even more comprehensive support in the future.

  • 2020

    Pandemic Hits

    During the peak of the pandemic, Swift Productions experienced significant growth as more people spent time at home. In that year alone, we successfully built over 30 eCommerce stores and created 114 eBay templates.

  • Shopify Reaches Out

    A significant milestone for us was when Shopify reached out to us. We're proud to announce that we are now an official Shopify Partner.

  • New Services Introduced: SEO and Digital Marketing

    As more and more people turned to the online world, we expanded our services to encompass Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Digital Marketing.

  • Discontinuation of General Graphic Design Services

    We have chosen to discontinue our graphic design services, including logo and banner creation, to concentrate on expanding our eCommerce and eBay operations. Due to the declining demand for general graphic design, we believe it's the right time to conclude this aspect of our business.

  • One of our Founders left us.

    After nearly 14 years, we bid farewell to Monica, one of the founders of Swift Productions. She has chosen to leave us to prioritise something even more important, her family.

  • We've welcomed 2 new staff members to our team.

    We've expanded our team with 2 new members, Haris a Shopify expert and Salma to complement our growing design and development capabilities.

  • 2022

    Milestone Hit – Over 5500 customers

    Since our inception in 2007, we have had the privilege of serving over 5,500 customers hailing from various industries around the world. Our clientele spans from small startup businesses to Fortune 500 companies and the well-known brands we recognise today.

  • Optimised Web Delivery Work

    During the pandemic when we were all working from home, we embraced the "work from home" opportunity. Now, all our team members work remotely, and we hold a weekly meeting at our new office in Paramatta (yes we moved again during the Pandemic). We shifted away from the traditional 9-5 business model and adopted a job-based approach. This means we can be working on your project at any time, allowing us to provide faster turnaround times for our clients.

  • 2023

    Continuing Excellence

    Over the years, we've cultivated strong relationships with our clients. Our primary focus has always been to enhance websites for the benefit of everyone, enabling our clients to excel in selling their products and services. Today, Swift Productions is a close-knit team of enthusiastic web developers and designers who are dedicated to achieving outstanding results. We offer personalized, local service to clients not only in Sydney but also throughout Australia and worldwide, with a significant presence in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and New Zealand.

  • We've welcomed another new staff members to our team.

    Ash, a Shopify Expert, Joins Our Rapidly Growing Team


What our clients say

Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Here, our clients share their experiences, showcasing the quality of our work and the positive influence of our solutions on their online presence.

Monica you've been amazing throughout the entire process. Turning stuff around on a dime and nothings ever been too much trouble. If there's anyone I can pass feedback on to that we'd like to engage Swift again...

Amazing service, we would definitely recommend Swift Productions. Danny and team were great, helped us create our Straw Belicious Shopify website.

The team at Swift Productions were prompt, professional and provided us with some great designs for our latest car audio flyer. I personally was surprised at the speedy delivery and communication throughout the entire process. Highly...

I had such terrible service from my previous store designer would never answer me no communication whatsoever. So I had to look for someone else. I decided to change to Swift and have never been happier. I cannot believe how fantastic this...

I engaged Swift Productions to desgin my ecommerce store about two months ago. During the time that I have worked with them, their communication has been nothing short of excellent. The website they delivered was beautiful and...

They follow through the entire process of your listing templates 100%. Danny had been a magnificent employee who help me through the listing. He is wealth of knowledge. Highly rate swift productions...

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