eBay Active Content Policy: What does it mean now in 2022

When eBay declared that active contents such as JavaScript, Plug-ins, Flash, iFrames, and Form Actions will be blocked from your item listings or ebay store if you have one, it was an aggressive move on their part. 2017 was a year eBay sellers won’t forget anytime soon.

Since then, eBay has implemented a new Active Content Policy. eBay will not only ban active content but possibly penalise listings that still contain active content. Removing active materials from your eBay listing is a time-consuming operation, and as a result, eBay sellers bear the brunt of the responsibility for doing so.

How does the content of the listings change when the active material has been blocked?

A few of listings will not show properly. Important facts, integrated plug-ins, and other elements of your listing may be lost, leaving blank space in the listing. With a nutshell, an item listing in a gorgeous eBay shop design will have its formatting messed up. Because of the lack of information, you will lose a potential customer. Take a look at the following list.

  • Text will not be able to be read correctly.
  • The images will not show correctly on your computer, mobile and tablet including the eBay APP..
  • Other aspects in the listing will seem shabby.
  • Buyers will be perplexed as to what your ad is selling.
  • Having a negative influence on your store’s traffic, sales, and income
  • On mobile devices, there is no performance.
  • Your eBay shop templates will take a long time to load.
  • Not being showing with eBay search.

How can I tell whether there is any active content in my listing?

It’s really rather simple. There are a plethora of tools available to check for the same. But hold on a minute! Do you have the time to re-check thousands of ads 24 hours a day, seven days a week while still doing your eBay selling job? Consider the implications of this.

Removing active content from listings has a number of advantages.

  • Active material has been replaced with HTML and CSS substitutes.
  • When compared to your competition, your listings will load quickly.
  • Performance on mobile devices is outstanding.
  • Product descriptions that are easy to read can help you rank higher in eBay product searches.
  • Product photos that are clear will attract more shoppers’ attention.
  • Buyers will regard your eBay store to be a more secure place to do business.

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