Expectations for a Website Redesign Projects

A new website is often the key to speeding company development, revitalising your brand identity, and improving consumer engagement. There is a great deal to consider, and comparing website redesign services might be daunting. How do you determine the time? What are the circumstances that need preparation? Here are some questions to help you determine whether the moment is right to fire the trigger.

80% of customers believe that the experience a business delivers is just as essential as the items or services it sells (originally published source)

It is reasonable to anticipate some negative influence on your SEO score while redesigning an existing website. This is something that cannot be avoided. The extent of the effect, on the other hand, may be reduced by following a few basic principles.

  1. Make every effort to transfer all of your on-site SEO efforts to the new site. If you have hired a web design company, ask them to relocate the site.
  2. Ensure that your URL structure remains the same; if this is not possible, use a redirect 301 to inform search engines that a certain URL has been relocated to another; this will ensure that any SEO scores that this URL may have accrued are not lost during the transition.
  3. We always suggest that you operate in a staging environment before moving forwards. Using a staging environment, you may launch your new website and make all of the necessary adjustments to it without having to worry about damaging the main website.

We always recommend that you consult with an experienced web development agency before embarking on a project of this kind.