eBay and Website SEO Audit

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has become an important requirement for website and eBay listings. It is no longer optional

SEO Audits are a key insight into the effectiveness of your web site. We highlight any technical issues that need fixing that most web designers fail to implement or have missed.

Our SEO Audit Includes

  • Correct use of 'H' (Heading) tags
  • Keyword density
  • Page Title and Meta tags
  • HTTPS Protocol Compliant (SSL)
  • Indexing and Robots.txt
  • URL 'Title' attributes
  • Image 'Alt' attributes
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Mobile Optimisaion
  • Site Speed
  • Code Optimisation HTML, CSS & Scripts
  • Site Security Health Check
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Technologies Used
  • Plus more

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an SEO Audit of your site with recommendations on what you can do to improve your sites SEO score. We do not apply the changes to your site.

What should you expect from an SEO Audit?

You should expect our audit to deliver clear recommendations that will improve the return on investment you currently enjoy from organic traffic. Our approach on your sites SEO audit is thorough. We don’t just rely on automatic tools or shortcuts but instead use our 11years + experience and SEO strategists to review your site and let you know exactly how we see things.

The audit is delivered to you as either a Word document and / or PDF document. The document is usually around 8-15 pages, but can be much more depending on your site and its content.

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