Web Directories You’ll Still Want To Use in 2022

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The internet world is evolving rapidly, but one thing that is as vital now as it was a decade ago is that website directories play a significant influence in your website’s position on Google and other search engines.

What is the importance of associating with an online directory? Online directories typically have a high level of authority (ie: a strong relationship between Google and the website) because so many different businesses are associated with them. This means that if a business signs up to one, the authority associated with the directory has the potential to influence the relationship between Google and the business’ website in the same way that link building has the same influence. We encourage our clients to sign up to as many directories as possible, as this is an organic and usually inexpensive strategy that can have a very positive impact on an SEO campaign in the form of improved keyword rankings.

Tip: Ensure you use keywords used on your website related to page you are directing traffic to. Example, if you are talking about ‘weight loss’ then the URL on your website should be the page talking about ‘weight loss’ – do not send them to a page that is not directly related to content you created on the directory.

Here are some of the popular directories to use in Australia,

eBay Active Content Policy: What does it mean now in 2022
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eBay Active Content Policy: What does it mean now in 2022

When eBay declared that active contents such as JavaScript, Plug-ins, Flash,